Justin Robinson Author. Mammal.

Four different subgenres of horror.

Four different phases of life.


“A Boy’s Life” matches the wonder of childhood with the existential terror of cosmic horror. When latchkey kid Tom Maguire begins experiencing nightmares drawn from his pop culture favorites, he finds he’s made contact with an impossibly vast and alien intelligence, but what does it want?


“Coming of Rage” compares the seething emotions of being a teenager to the bone-crunching action of survival horror. When an outbreak of a mind-altering virus hits Los Angeles, high school kid Albert Morales tries to get his friends to safety. The city is awash in murderous psychos, but how many are truly effected by the virus and how many are acting out of fear?


“Until the Light is Gone” pairs the delicate tragedy of middle age with the dark beauty of gothic horror. Cameron Graves lost his pregnant wife in an accident. Now, trying to put his life together on the palatial estate of his in-laws, he finds himself drawn to their seductive niece, even as he navigates their strange, secretive family. And there’s something awful in the woods, watching his every move.


“The Wretched” faces the decay of the body in old age with stomach-turning body horror. Aging veteran Raymond Carter kills a serial murderer in self-defense, but soon finds himself infected with a disease that demands he torture others or transform into something awful and inhuman. As he investigates and degenerates, he learns there are terrible things out in the night.


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