Justin Robinson Author. Mammal.

His family massacred, a boy must claim a dark inheritance and wage war against a greater evil.

The Ahriman Cycle #1


Seventeen-year-old Simon Bell was never meant to bear the mantle of destiny, but when his parents and brother are killed and the soul of his sister stolen, the burden is forced upon him. Now he must battle the darkness both within and without, and find his true power before the forces that claimed his family plunge him, and then the world, into final oblivion.


With the slaughter of the Order of Ahriman, few remain with the power to oppose the mad whims of the God Planet. Most of Earth has fallen into Ahriman's grasp, monsters and madmen consuming the world in a maelstrom of violence. Simon and his beleaguered allies are pushed to the brink of destruction in the face of overwhelming evil.

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