Justin Robinson Author. Mammal.



Crawling Eyes

On the downside, you’re a giant eyeball with tentacles. On the
upside, Crawling Eyes make up the majority of famous directors
and studio heads. Rule Hollywood in ocular style!




Able to assume the form of any human, doppelgangers make astounding actors. A few have used their shapeshifting abilities as spies and undercover police! Be anyone! Be everyone! Be a doppelganger!




So you’re two feet tall, allergic to sunlight, and have a sweet tooth. Sounds bad, right? Well, you’re also capable of inventing devices the likes of which the world has never seen! Without gremlins, we never would know the terrifying beauty of the trans-dimensional poodle cannon.




Are you best suited for politics? Wrap yourself in some bandages, get a proper Egyptian dynastic name, and join the ranks of the mummies. Your next stop, the mayor’s office!




Are you a musician at heart? Opera? Jazz? Rock and roll? All of these styles and more are at your fingertips! Become a phantom and the stage is your true home. And if anyone says differently, drop a chandelier on them.



The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Ever hear that? Maybe you'd rather leave the flesh behind entirely and join the steely ranks of the robots? Rebuild yourself, bigger, stronger, faster. You have the technology!




Join the Los Angeles Police Department! All that’s required is a keen sense of justice, a nose for crime, and an allergy to silver. That’s right, become a werewolf and take your place in law enforcement.



Only women can become witches and tap into awesome magical powers that men will never truly understand! You’ll need a coven and a familiar (black cats, toads, and ravens are always in style), and immerse yourself in the enigma of witchcraft!

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