Justin Robinson Author. Mammal.

His family massacred, a boy must claim a dark inheritance and wage war against a greater evil.


Eighteen-year-old Simon Bell has accepted the the black mantle of power, returned his sister's soul, and destroyed the mage who killed his family.


Ahriman, the Dread Star, waxes in the night sky, sending monsters and madmen across the gulfs of space and time to Earth. It whispers in Simon's mind, pulling him closer to insanity and servitude. The Order of Ahriman, the only coven of mages able to battle the threat has been nearly entirely wiped out by an unseen enemy. Other covens, convinced Simon has already fallen to the temptations of the Dark Planet, have targeted him for assassination.


Beset on all sides by enemies, the battle grows desperate. Simon must reach out to a dwindling pool of allies, but not all of them are what they seem. The temptation of Ahriman is strong and many will fall along the path, dooming the planet to a final death.


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