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His family massacred, a boy must claim a dark inheritance and wage war against a greater evil.


Nineteen-year-old Simon Bell has forged himself into a ruthless and inventive mage of the Order of Ahriman, carving out an oasis of peace even as the world spirals into chaos.


With the slaughter of the Order of Ahriman, few remain with the power to oppose the mad whims of the God Planet. Most of Earth has fallen into Ahriman's grasp, monsters and madmen consuming the world in a maelstrom of violence. Simon's closest friend, who he foolishly trained, has fallen to the foul temptations of the planet. Simon and his beleaguered allies are pushed to the brink of destruction in the face of overwhelming evil.


As Ahriman comes into alignment, Simon embarks on the final battle. No longer will he merely fight the planet's servants. This time he goes to war with the Dread Star itself. But Ahriman has desires of its own, and it wants Simon, body and soul.

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